About Us

The magazine is a visual representation of people, places, and cultures, Carefully curated by a collective of seasoned photographers. Each issue focuses on one specific city and embodies the work of photographers documenting the intricacies of their city. The photographers we have showcased have been from all walks of life, vary in skill and uniqueness, but have THE common goal of documenting. with an encyclopedic approach of creating a network of photographers that contribute to an ever-expanding database.

Our magazine was founded upon highlighting those who have been documenting our world through photography. We are storytellers, skilled in the mediums of photography and filmmaking. The team behind These Streets Magazine are 10 Los Angeles native photographers, with over 30 years of collective experience, documenting people, events, and cultures in Los Angeles and around the globe.

Our goal with this project is to be a resource of information and inspiration to not just our fellow photographers but to the public. providing an opportunity for people to engage and have an experience of visual understanding of life as it happens.


The following is a grouping of standards that we as These Streets believe true.

These Streets Manifesto

As photographers, we express life through our medium.

It’s important that we use photography to record what we do and who we are.

To show the world those who document life for the good of others.

If “A photograph can speak a thousand words,” then we can give the voiceless a voice.

We can capture images that provoke change, action and emotion.

We strive to preserve the core of photography as we become more technologically dependent.

In hopes to inspire future generations,

We are passing on the traditions and values of what makes our medium so powerful.

Photography tells the story of life unfiltered.

It allows us to tell our story, the story of These Streets. 

- These Streets Magazine