Did you ever as a kid listen to old audio tapes in school, about history or science, and a professor or doctor explains the subject to you almost like if they were having a real conversation with you? Get a glimpse into the minds of photographers documenting the intricacies of our time. On These Streets' "Profiles,photographers are sharing a little more than just their photographic work. In this series, you will get to know more about who the person behind the camera is. You will learn how they started practicing the art of photography, and see what fuels them to document our streets. ||


Photographed + Written by Sofia (@Skreefz)


"My real name is Sofia, but my homies started calling me Skreefz in high school and I guess that’s what I go by now. I was born in Caracas, Venezuela, but I’ve been raised in Miami for the majority of my life. I grew up in a single parent household with 2 younger siblings. My mom worked a lot, so you could say I spent a lot of time outside on my own. My middle school/high school days I spent living in Miami Beach, so basically I grew up a beach kid." - Skreefz


"I’ve had a camera on me since 7th grade. I began taking pictures of my friends and just really liked capturing people from day 1. One of my favorite events in Miami was the Most Wanted anniversary. It had bikes, jeeps, lowriders, donks, four wheelers, basically anything on wheels and everyone kicking it together having a great time. My favorite photograph is one of two dudes on dirt bikes doing circles around a chick in a bikini and heels dancing in the middle. Honestly it just described Miami perfectly." - Skreefz



"I’m a sucker for vintage and hood things, and custom car culture has a little bit of both. I love the community and family atmosphere. Everyone is always having a good time." - Skreefz



"I love my city. People think Miami is just ocean drive and lots of shallow people, but I like to show the Miami I see through my photographs. It’s a diverse community where everyone who would be labeled as a “minority” elsewhere is living as the majority and thriving at that." - Skreefz


"I chose to share a little bit of everything that I feel represents Miami’s custom car culture. The streets, the picnics, the ride outs, and the people behind the wheel." - Skreefz

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