"Hello, my name is Anupam Goswami. I was born in Guwahati City, in the state of Assam (Northeast India,) to a typical Indian middle class family. I have been a photographic storyteller since about 1997. Since then, I have been keeping photography as a serious hobby and passion. The locality that I was born and grew up in features a mixture of typical urban and rural Indian lifestyles. I studied Fine Art growing up. Later, I realized that images created through lenses gave me the highest satisfaction compared to other art forms. More satisfaction than putting color on canvas with brushes. It was the year 1997 when I first received an SLR camera (the cheapest SLR manufactured by Nikon -  a FM10,) a gift from my dad as a reward for doing well in my matriculation examination. That was when my lifelong bond with photography started. Digital photography in those days was not known about much in my part of the globe. Hence, being a student at that time without money of my own, I had to really make each frame on that 36-roll of film count. Some of the habits developed from my film days continue with me today. I'm one of those photographers who doesn't go click-click-clicking all the time, even as digital photography gives me the option to click photos an infinite number of times without having to think of buying more film. A bit of old-school lives in me. I plan more, wait more and shoot less every time I walk the streets of my city." - Anupam




"Among the masters of photography across the world, my favorite (alongside many others) is Steve McCurry. I love the delicately saturated colors of his work. His way of composing and capturing emotions and moments is just exemplary.

In photography, I love saturated colors that punch. I also like rustic charm, and arrays of textures which have always kept me walking the streets of Guwahati City. One of my favorite places in Guwahati is Fancy Bazaar, which is a furiously happening market place. I do a large chunk of my street photography here. The railway station of Guwahati is another favorite place that I often visit. Guwahati is a multicultural and economic hub of Northeast India. A myriad of cultural, economic, professional and religious diversities makes this a unique place to document through photography. Besides my native home, I have also traveled to a few other places in India. My gallery is a mixture of images taken at these places." - Anupam




"Along with many moments, I would like to share this one image in particular. It was March of 2017. I had received a new ultra wide zoom lens just the other day from Amazon. Pretty excited and delighted to have new glass in front of the camera, I went straight to my favorite place. Sometimes you can walk the whole day without getting an image that will stand the test of time. But on that day, within a few minutes of the walk, I came across this age-old Tea Shop and immediately realized its potential for a rustic-charm kind of appeal. The paint of the narrow shop was withered and obliterated, screaming for a fresh paint job. As I instinctively started taking pictures, the man sitting in front of the shop did not seem very keen on being photographed, and occasionally would stare at me with a skeptical look. But his assistant, a boy sitting behind him, was very content and seemed happy that I was taking photos. There were a few customers in the shop, sipping their teacups. The flame of the gas burner added a sense of warmth to the image. While this may not be one the best image in my collection, it certainly gives me the satisfaction of squeezing as many elements in one frame as possible. The photo has rustic appeal, a colorful ambiance, and it's one of my personal favorites." - Anupam




"Please have a look at my gallery and share any suggestions so that I can do better in the future." - Anupam



Anupam Goswami



Badal chakravarty

Enjoyed your beautiful creations. Thanks and good wishes.

Simantajit sarma (Jaan)

In my point of view you just nailed it, as I was so much delighted to read and tried to feel each of the snaps you had shared… and lastly eager to watch your next posts as well.

Dwipan Sarma

Very good.wish you all the best.


Your story is amazing.. The way you describe.. And photographs are so nice.. Your frame and Emotion attached in every shots.. Thank you. Best wishes.

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