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PROFILES : Get a glimpse into the minds of artists on the block. On These Street's "Profiles" artists from all aspects of life are sharing a little more than just their talent. In this series you can get to know more on who the artist is. You will learn how they got started on practicing their art, and understand what fuels them to create.


 Interview by Raymond Delgado / Artists : 1000 Words & Chapter 3 / Editors : Joshua Zamudio & Jenae Lien
6ix - How's it going fellas? Introduce yourselves.
1000Words - My parents named me Mario A. Chavez the 3rdbut I go by 1000 (thousand) a lot more these days. I was born in Los Angeles, California and lived in El Salvador for a few years, forgot English, came back and now I've lived most of my life in Reseda, California
Chapter3 - I’m Anthony H. Hernandez, I'm also the 3rd, but my artist name is Chapter3. I was born in Lancaster, California - I know that’s a bit strange, but my folks had to get away from the gang violence in their neighborhoods. I grew up in Los Angeles during my early years, now it’s the valley where I'm stayin.
6ix - How was it growing up for you in your household/neighborhood?
Chapter3 - First I wanna to say that I loved my childhood, but growing up was tough, we were poor with food stamps and shit. The environment wasn’t the best, but it made me who I am and my parents made sure they gave me what I needed.
1000Words- Imma say it was similar, we didn’t have it all, but my folks made sure we had what we needed. It’s just a Latino way of growing up, you want to be better than the last generation, and that’s what we strive for. 
6ix - How long have you both been producing music?
1000Words - I would say 7 years ago, when me and Chapter3 first linked up is when I start counting. It was when we felt that there was a sound we could shape. I started finding my voice, and he started fine tuning his production. Back seat freestyles in hotboxed cars; lunchroom battles. When the beat was off the table and pencils, that’s when I started to feel the love for it. The death of my graffiti career pushed me too, it’s like we wanted to see what other parts of the culture could raise us.
Chapter3 - True, ending my run as graffiti writer definitely push me to make music. Not only that, my mom was an R&B singer. She would bring me in the studio and I would see the process, so I knew this was possible for me. 
6ix - 3rd Wrld is your creative alias as rapper/producer duo, how did this name come about?
1000Words - We chose 3rd Wrld because we are both from an El Salvador diaspora, and we want to tell our side of the story. I reference the feeling of being a 1st generation fuck up only because with what we’re building, we have a chance to change all that and uplift our people.
6ix - What are some of the biggest struggles you've had to go through with producing music?
1000Words - Damn, there's a lot you go through to be a creative. You name it we’ve lost it, you name it we've gone through it.
Chapter3 - I don’t wanna rattle shit off and put that energy out there. All I know is that whatever shit we gotta go through, we will.
6ix - What interests you the most about the music you choose to create? Any new projects in mind?
Chapter3 - The interest is in the feeling that this feels right to me, and I want to show that to whoever we can. With this pandemic going on, I'm looking forward to it being over, and getting back out there doing shows, but we always have projects in the works - EP's, Beat Tapes, and all that. 
1000Words - It's to tell the story and find those people who fuck with us. I’ve always wanted to put people who are like us on the map so that future generations know that they aren’t alone, and that great things can come from this culture. Pa la cultura. We're looking to drop a few pieces. Right now, we're working on a Double EP called "Damned If I Do - Damned If I Don't," which we don’t have a date for because a lot of shit has changed. But we got some dope people on it, and some insane artwork - I'm proud of this shit.
6ix - Describe the work you are sharing for this article. What are you looking forward to doing more of as this year goes along? 
Chapter3 - We wanted to share some recent work that we produced. We incorporate everything we’ve gone through, things we love and styles that influenced us since we were young. The aim is to be original.
1000Words - Yeah man, we put our all into what we make - every aspect of what we’re living, and we experiment with shit. It’s a tough question to answer, but honestly we just wanna make dope shit when it’s all said and done. Shout out to 6AM and These Streets Magazine. We appreciate the blessing.
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