What went down in LA : Women's March Los Angeles 2019

Photographed and Written by Jenae Lien 


To march, or not to march - was not even a question in the minds of the spirited activists at the 3rd Women’s March in Los Angeles. After a week of rain, the sun was on full blast, illuminating the people of passion on Saturday, January 19th.


Thousands of marchers gathered downtown at Pershing Square, where predominant women such as Gloria Allred, Katie Hill and Wendy Carrillo warmed the crowd up with inspirational remarks. The tone had been set. The energy was high. The issues at stake are still very real.


From Pershing Square, the crowd flooded into the streets. Roads were blocked from traffic, and the marchers became animated with their freedom of expression. The sounds from drummers matched dancing feet, and created a steady beat that carried the marchers to City Hall. There, the Women’s March rallied. With signs held high, their voices reached higher. 


Information booths were set up to provide resources for voting, and education about our political system. Free waters were passed out, and a true sense of community was felt. All around, everyone smiled at each other.


Although the gathering was smaller from previous years, the intensity and spirit had not fallen. The length of the walk may have been 1 mile, but the number of miles walked by all, were thousands.


Iconic characters such a Handmaids, Superwoman, and Rosie the Riveter, dawned upon the scene. The cry for unity and equality transcended women at this march. Activists for LBGT, immigration rights, and social justice causes were also high in attendance. With various voices from the community congregated, the notion for positive change seemed possible. If everyone took a stand for injustice everywhere, we could find justice everywhere. 


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