Volume 1: The Backyard Boogie '18

Photographed and Written by Vanessa Abad


 Within the large city of Los Angeles, we’re privileged to have such great talent from DJs, videographers, content creators and photographers all differentiating in vast fields. The LA street shooters that see the beauty around every corner of our city are the ones that inspired the first volume of These Streets Magazine. It consisted of six chosen photographers, each holding their own characteristics we believed would represent our home and show you our reader, what our city is made of. On each page you’re able to see how they showcase their vision, we see street portraiture, culture, low raiders and abstract art. Los Angeles is made up of this and so much more, which is why this first volume was one you had to add to your collection.

The Backyard Boogie was our first launch party, our baby, it consisted of all types of vibes, from our music being put out by 6AM, Raymond, to our location shared with us by Streetwise, Kemal, that gave us the perfect ambiance for the 200 plus person crowd we had rockin’ with us that night. Lost Angel, Angel, came over himself, with a ’82 Buick Regal and his cousin riding an ’87. Everyone walking in had a chance to be closer than most when it comes to lowrider meets, from the blue suede interior, Betty Boop car charm and the 13” inch chrome rims. Coming in, there was a line for cold brews and tacos which for us, here in the 213/323 area, is tradition. I remember back in 2015 after long street photo walks, we'd head over to our favorite spot and fill it up to its capacity with all these kids that were really just out there having fun shooting on the weekend and our 9 to 5. 

This night, people waited to cop their limited edition of the mag. Which we sold out  the 50 we had on site and the rest selling out the week after in online orders. The amount of support we got from all of our family, crew, new friends and old ones was immense to what we thought we’d receive. We were happy to see how everyone was excited to hold the one thing we’ve been working on for all Summer. Along with being able to share The Backyard Boogie with those who were present we got so much love from people out of town, via Instagram. While the night came to an end it was nice to sit back and see how art brings people together, whether it's on the screen double tapping on your phone, hung up in a gallery or on your desk printed into a magazine with those creators you look up to and follow online. 

Our vision for the magazine is to showcase the uniqueness within each city, from coast to coast, eventually branching out to showcase people from all over the world for us to learn new cultures, bring you their stories and see more of how they live day to day. While bringing light the good and difficulties we as a society/ youth are going 
through. Life inside Los Angeles is what gave us the kindle to start this life long project but you as creators and viewers, are who inspire us to get out of our bubble and explore these streets. 


Images by @77dead

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