On September 2nd, 2019 Music Artist Vic Mensa had organized a quick ANTI-ICE Concert in front of the Immigration HQ in Downtown LA. Performing with his group @93punx, he hyped up the crowd, while singing a few of hits like 16 Shots, Camp America, and even doing a cover of The Cranberries iconic song Zombie. As fans of his music and Anti-Ice Protesters gathered on the street blocking off traffic, it was not to long until LAPD showed up to put a stop to it. After his set, Vic, mingled with his fans, signing autographs, talking to anyone who had questions, and even thanking the LAPD for peacefully managing the crowd. This is not the first pop up concert he's pulled off. Only just a few months ago he performed the same act at an immigration prison in Otay Mesa, San Diego. And it wont be his last. He followed up on his instagram thanking @mrmikedelarocha & the @revolveimpact team for making this possible.

*The following images were taken by TSM Staff Photographer - @josh.tsm

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