What went down in LA : UTLA Strike Against School Board 2019


Photographed and Written by Vanessa Abad



The streets of L.A. City Hall were flooded Monday January 14th, with an estimate of about 20,000 teachers, students, parents and staff all united together speaking on behalf of schools all across the Los Angeles School District. All fighting to raise wages to a fair price, reduce class sizes, increase the number of staff including counselors, librarians and Health/ Human services. 


   UTLA members, who spend countless hours developing the minds of our children, are demanding a better environment for students and give them a better chance at succeeding. This strike was a movement that involved the city's educational system as a whole, with parents walking along side in support for a better educational system.


   Todays attendance plummeted in LAUSD Schools, from a total of 485,000 enrolled in the district to only having 141,631 attend. As majority of parents refused to have their children attend class in support of the motion. It is only a fair action to want positive progression in our educational system and fair compensation and assistance for faculty and staff. Children from all ages, families, and educators representing their schools were all there in support of wanting change.


We dont know how long the strike will last between Beutner, the School Board, but what we do know is that the city is being brought together and will not back down from the picket lines 
until evey standard is met.


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