Recap of the Photography Workshop in San Francisco

Written and Photographed by Jenae Lien
There’s got to be a saying for something like: Which is better? The photo, or the memory from the time that the photo was taken - or, are they the same thing?


We gathered at Washington square around 11AM. Sunshine beamed brightly, casting shadows and dramatic light. With the theme of the workshop centered around ‘movement,’ a challenge was set for the day to capture the best photo related to motion. The workshop attendees brought a couple of their daughters, who had cameras in hand, ready to photograph and join the walk. Our group consisted of photographers from all levels and walks of life, adding to the dynamics of conversation and camera discussions.


From Columbus Avenue, the crew zig zagged South towards Chinatown, stopping along the way to photograph moments. The streets were alive and bustling for a Saturday. Chances to capture street photography and movement were everywhere.

As we turned a corner in Chinatown, the sound of drums and a smoke signal from the 5th floor of a building draped in lanterns caught our attention. The group dispersed amongst the gathering crowd of curiosity to watch the dancing lions. Suddenly, a deafening roar of firecrackers erupted, and the crowd leapt away as smoke filled the sky. When the smoke settled, red confetti flew around in the wind, kissed our hair, and were the curtain call for the dancing lions.

One of the sparks from the firecrackers got Olivia right under the eye. She held a popsicle to the burn like a trooper and kept going with the walk.

Our walk continued for 2 miles along the streets of San Francisco. When we reached Market street, we broke to roam around for half an hour before returning for a group photo and a goodbye.

Thank you to our sponsors, Leica Store Los Angeles and Samy’s Camera San Francisco for the thoughtful gifts and for your constant support. We hope to be back in San Francisco one day!

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