Primeramente Familia by Joshua Zamudio

Photograph Essay by Joshua Zamudio
Sunday, January 17, 2020. I spent sometime with the fellas at Primeros Car Club on their first Sunday get together of the year. If you are familiar with the San Fernando Valley then you know where the Carls Jr is at next to the In n Out on Laurel Canyon. That was the meeting spot, after being just down the street at a carwash fundraiser for a fellow car club family member, they moved up the street and took over the Carls Jr Parking lot. As the members rolled through various other Car Clubs and single riders cruised up and down Laurel Canyon.
I photographed "Primeros CC" back in April/May of 2020 and times where a little  different. The awareness of the Pandemic was high, but cases and reported deaths were few. The wave of what would change a lot of our lives has yet to land on shore. "2020 was a crazy year, but we ain't alone" - Krazy mentions to me while we talked about what they had experienced this past year. "We all experienced something and when we can we put something together where we can all unite, we come through, like this cruise, it was last minute but we pulled it off." - Krazy
For many it's a difficult conversation to have when you mention a loss of family. There is no real guide on how to go about talking on a touchy subject. When conversing with "Quincy", he expressed how difficult it was for him to lose his mother over 10 years ago. "Its been such a long time, but i still feel the pain like if it happened yesterday." - Quincy. "There is no greater pain than losing your own, I cant imagine how our friends and families feel. We have to remember them and keep going." - Quincy.
Our conversation was cut short, but the wheels where in the air, Quincy holds the battery wires as Primeros CC Member hops his car. I came to ask questions about what they did through out the year and what challenges arose but I was shown their response through what transpired after our conversation. On one of the jumps, the rear wheels bounced, pushing the entire car into the air. On its way down all of the weight had landed on the right rear wheel, bending the break caliper cover and puncturing the tire. With in seconds members gathered around the car and began figuring out solutions to try and repair the punctured wheel. Moments after with a few tools, a few hands and a lot of energy, they patched up the hole, filled the tire up with air and laid low. Their action to fix a homies tire was more than what it seemed. It showed how they took action when the pressure is high and someone is in need of help. Like the carwash fundraiser they organized earlier in the day. When it comes to taking care of the community, your friends, your family, They come primero. 

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