Portland - 08/04/2020 by Matt Lawrence

Editor : Joshua Zamudio | Editor : Jenae Lien | Written & Photographed by Matt Lawrence


PORTLAND, OREGON - 08/04/2020 by Matt Lawrence

On Tuesday, August 4th, 2020, I decided to go down to a direct action movement at Peninsula Park here in Portland. There was a brief peaceful March from the park to the Portland Police Association building, which houses the Portland Police Union Clubhouse.
On the scene things, immediately started to get tense as Antifa members in the crowd began to try and light the building on fire. BLM supporters attempted to denounce this and keep things on message. A couple hours later I was on one end of the street and heard commotion from behind me.
Looking back I saw the crowd part left and right towards the sidewalk rapidly as a silver Chevy S10 Pickup came hurtling through the crowd with a motorcycle stuck under its front end. Unable to turn, the truck made a beeline straight through barricades and out of sight. Apparently the driver had exited the vehicle with a rifle at one point, but I cannot speak to that.

Later in the evening I saw some commotion coming from a 7-Eleven parking lot adjacent to the Portland Police Building. There were 2 guys coming to blows with each other over what seemed to be gang-related activity. The crowd was screaming that one of them had a gun, and indeed I did see one of the people in question reaching for their hip.
The crowd seemed to press them out, but as they departed the scene towards a waiting vehicle, they let rounds off, approximately 4 to 5 shots, which caused panic in the crowd.

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