Los Hijo's de la calle de Cuba by Francisco Benitez

Documented / Photographed + Written by Francisco Benitez ( @teletaco ).


"This film is a brief view of the experiences that I had on my recent trips to Havana Vieja. @mr.myl Primo Luisito is the first artist shown in the film. He took me out on the streets to paint. To see kids run behind us as we painted, and elderly folks admiring the pieces created on their walls was amazing. The homies freestyle rapping are Fabian @ttttteoe (a great graffiti artist,) & his brother. I tried to capture a glimpse of the night life, which is fucking wild, lol. My time painting and mobbing the streets gave me a strong nostalgic feeling. I felt like I was in 7th grade again, running around the streets of West Los Angeles, hitting up on walls and drinking beers that me and the homies could find. The artist from the streets of Cuba need so much more recognition. Cuba is the best." - Francisco Benitez



With all of us experiencing the development of the Coronavirus pandemic, we are able to witness how this is affecting everyone everywhere. The video above is a recap that Francisco Benitez made during Lockdown. His perspective of Cuba is nothing less than amazing. He captures the people of Cuba and the real movement on the city streets. We encourage anyone to submit what life is like where you are from. 

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- Joshua Zamudio 

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