Los Angeles Unity Cruise (FILM) by Ron Kurokawa

On June 28, 2020 hundreds of car enthusiasts in the lowriding community gathered in different areas of the Los Angeles county and organized a cruise in solidarity with the movement Black Lives Matter. Ron Kurokawa, TSM filmed the gathering at the historic arch on Whittier Blvd as hundreds of classic cars and multiple car clubs took over the 4 lanes on Whittier blvd with the help of the California Highway Patrol for a moment of silence. In respect to the victims of Police brutality, Our kids in cages, and the unlawfulness that is occurring with the Justice System. "Si Se Puede", was heard echoing through the speakerphone of an Organizer as the caravan of cars proceeded onward to City Hall. Below is a quick edit of what went down Sunday morning. - Joshua Zamudio 
Filmed & Edited by Ron Kurokawa / Blog Editor : Joshua Zamudio

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