Spring Break in Miami (Cancelled) by Jonathan Ibero

Photographed + Written by Jonathan Ibero (@jonjonvisuals)
On  March 9 Gov. Ron DeSantis declared Miami a State of Emergency due to the Novel Coronavirus pandemic. In the days that followed after the declaration, hundreds of spring breakers flocked to the beaches of Miami despite the recent announcement on the importance of Social Distancing. On March 21, 2020 the city declared that all parks, beaches, and recreational facilities to be closed to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. 
"This set of photographs were taken on two separate days, one week apart on Friday 3/20 and Friday 3/27. The photos were taken when spring breakers were still in Miami, lingering around with nothing to do because the beaches are all closed due to the pandemic. Photographs were also taken around little Havana. 
You can see that the famous Domino Park is closed where it was once full of locals playing games and tourist taking pictures. 
It’s a weird site to see this area so empty and shops closed due to COVID- 19." - Jonathon Ibero

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