COVID-19 Diaries: Re-Imagining a New L.A. County

Over the past few weeks, the team behind These Streets have been working on a short documentation project. The project is a continuation of the "COVID-19 Diaries" series by Everyone In. After the murder of George Floyd, the realities of the pandemic shifted. We saw an uprise against systemic racism alongside the difficulties for some people to sustain a living in this present climate. We talked with a few individuals who are currently living through hardships in order to better understand what their situation is and how they got there. As we move into the final months of 2020 with Election Day around the corner, we must take action to focus our attention on how we can help those impacted by the pandemic and systemic racism. In this video, we share the stories of Crystal G, Louis T, Theodore H, and Mark-Anthony J. - Joshua Zamudio

Filmed & Directed by Ron Kurokawa

Photographs by Jenae Lien Nordman, Matthew Nordman, Raymond Delgado

Produced by Everyone In & United Way of Greater Los Angeles 


COVID-19 Diaries: Re-Imagining a New L.A. County




The latest entry to the COVID-19 Diaries series focuses on racism, prejudice, and criminalization in relation to the homelessness and housing crisis in Los Angeles. These stories are a powerful reminder to vote for what we are hoping to change this November; A new L.A. County budget that prioritizes people, housing, and jobs instead of incarceration.  #EveryoneIn is a proud member of the #ReimagineLA coalition. Watch, share, and take action at




Crystal by Jenae Lien

Lou by Matthew Nordman

Theodore by Matthew Nordman

Mark-Anthony by Raymond Delgado

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