Conquer L.A Meetup August 4th 2019

Conquer L.A hosted yet another successful photography meet up last weekend. On Sunday, August 4th, photographers alongside creative artists gathered outside the HEX Brand store on Broadway in downtown Los Angeles.


As more and more people showed up, the crowd started their walk. 6AM led the way, pushing his signature DJ set on a cart with speakers and a turntable rested on top. The crowed ventured towards a big open lot on the other side of the block. Walls lined with graffiti provided a backdrop for models to be photographed. Portable lights were thoughtfully brought to the meet by other photographers, a necessary accessory to illuminate the models as the sun set.

Toyo tires made an appearance during the meet. An Audi A4 and VW Jetta pulled up to the scene followed by models that hopped out and onto the cars for photos.


The ambiance was inviting. With everyone at the meet involved in creativity, people were encouraged to introduce themselves and get to know others in the photo community.

With such a large crowd, the meetup kept walking to avoid loitering. The cops rolled by once, reminding everyone to stay on the sidewalk. The night remained peaceful as the walk made its final turn around the block and ended where the night began.

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