BUILDING THE FORT by Joshua Zamudio

On January 13th, we were given the keys to what we like to call our first home. 

We've come a long way since we used to squat inside one of The Container Yard's warehouses. From cold brick buildings in Boyle Heights, we moved to a street facing outpost right in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles. The past few months have been such a roller coaster. Many small victories and a few minor setbacks. Life, as we know it, is changing. We are evolving, and we are transforming. 

(Photographs of The Hide Out - 2019)

The search for a location for These Streets started early December 2019. At first, a spot in Lincoln Heights sounded promising. However, after a week of negotiations and interest, we were not granted the spot. Matthew Nordman started looking around for more options, focusing on spots around downtown. We landed a location right on Los Angeles street. We are a Los Angeles born and bred collective, raising its walls in the middle of downtown. For me, the first 2 years were key in preparing us for where we are today. What once was a concept has now come to existence.

(Photographs of OneStop)


With Matthew's background in engineering, he took charge of the build-out of our space. Collectively designing our 200 sq. ft. footprint. Everything inside was built custom. From the desk + chair set up, to the bunkbeds overhead and the intricate collapsable wall that separates retail from office.

It's been surreal to witness the progress of our space. I'm thankful for the entire team who has put in their time to prepare our little office for a Grand Opening. Matthew did a fantastic job with the build & design - thank you for the endless late nights spent building out our new home space. Not only a master craftsmen, he is also a skilled and talented photographer. 

During this Coronavirus pandemic, we will be following professional direction to do our part in keeping everyone healthy and safe during these times. 

Our official Grand Opening will be announced at a later date, as well as more information on how to get a hold of a copy of These Streets Magazine : 05 | Los Angeles.

(Photographs of current setting - OneStop)

Thank you Los Angeles for your support. We look forward to serving the community.

- Joshua Zamudio 

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