Am I Next? by Tyler Harris

Editor - Joshua Zamudio / Editor - Sergio Clavel / Written & Photographed by Tyler Harris
"I am at a loss for words, but remaining silent is definitely not what I will be doing right now. Staying silent is one of the reasons we are here. An ongoing issue of racism in this country is not a secret. It almost feels like everyone knows it's wrong, but brushes each incident to the side in hope that it will just disappear. Time and time again my people are murdered by white Americans for the simple fact, that we have darker skin. 
Growing up black in America is terrifying. Being a black boy, destined to grow in to a black man is even scarier. You feel as if it's only a matter of time before white America stops seeing you as a cute little boy and starts seeing you as a threat or as they like to say "thug". Our children aren't viewed as innocent babies, our Men aren't viewed as men at all, and our women are the most disrespected human beings on earth. We see each other hunted and murdered daily in this country. Our minds are plagued with the question "Am I Next?" - Tyler Harris

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