A Quarantined City by Robert LeBlanc

Written & Photographed by Robert LeBlanc (@photosbyrobertleblanc)


"Images of Los Angeles during the Covid-19 Stay at Home Order"

"On March 19th, Mayor Eric Garcetti of Los Angeles and other leaders from Los Angeles County, the nation’s most populous county, ordered that its residents stay in their homes as much as possible. With a population of 4 million now on quarantine, Los Angeles looks unlike ever before. This series of photos shows some of the busiest intersections and neighborhoods in Los Angeles vacant. On a daily, these locations have thousands and thousands of people and cars passing by, but now with the Stay at Home order, the city looks abandoned. These images give a dramatic visual of how this quarantine is not only affecting the economy in Los Angeles but all cities and towns across the world." - Robert LeBlanc


A Quarantined City by Robert LeBlanc

Instagram - @photosbyrobertleblanc


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