6th Street Low Rider Meet

Photographed and Written By Vanessa Abad

Los Angeles is made up of many different cultures, culturas, which give us the opportunity of learning about them all. Low rider meets began peaking in the 1970s on Whittier Boulevard with young Chicanos showcasing their Mexican American culture. As decades came and went, the families of these OG riders grew and so the involvement of their families grew closer to the original scene of cruising around the streets of LA.

Nowadays, we not only have cruises but actual meets in which we spend weekends with friends, compadres and family. Cooking out, drinking micheladas, sharing stories and enjoying the company of those around you that appreciate the vibes of these gatherings as well. One of the most important things that tie the cruises together are the unity of enjoying the same music, all coming from oldies to new school oldies inspired music. Most love songs created back in the day showcased a caring, soft and romantic way of bonding with a partner. In which most chicanos cruised late nights as a way to talk and spend time together with their significant other.

This brings us to modern times, where now we’re able to be a part of these traditions and meet some of these families who have had low riders in their lives for decades. We learn that behind this is more then just cruising, it’s about diving into a new culture and being able to see why it’s turned into a passion for them. It gives even people outside of the Mexican Chicano culture a chance to be a part of the community all you need is a low rider, a playlist jam packed with smooth oldies and an open mind to meet new people. So the next time you’re in Los Angeles, you might find yourself in the middle of a meet bobbin’ your head to some tunes and enjoying the vibes.

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