Alex Navarro : Los Angeles


Hi ,

I’m a Los Angeles based photographer. I’m currently shooting with a x100F and A7iii. Ever since I picked up a camera at the age of 10 I couldn’t seem to step away from the feeling of being able to capture a moment. The moment in my life that made it even more of a passion for me would be the day I figured out my grandmother was losing her memory with age and it made me think that maybe one day it could be me going down the same path. I catch shots of the city that I am in , the faces I see and the weather that I feel. I want to remember everything and do my best to capture it all before my mind starts to fade. I want to inspire people to look at photography as a way to build memories for years to come , record the community around them as it grows with the years that go by and help those who need an outlet from hard times. 


Instagram: @Diilate



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