LA Originals by Estevan Oriol & Mr. Cartoon | NETFLIX

Written by Joshua Zamudio (@josh.tsm) | Thumbnail Photograph by Estevan Oriol (@estevanoriol)


You can't forget about these two icons when it comes to Los Angeles Chicano Culture. Estevan Oriol and Mike Mechado (aka Mr. Cartoon) set off on a mission as young Chicanos. Estevan began photographing when he told his father that he had the opportunity to travel with Cypress Hill and House of Pain on tour. For Mr. Cartoon, his history with graffiti influenced his transition into tattooing. What started as tattooing his homies and other locals grew into becoming one of the world's most sought after tattoo artists. As young professionals, they both rose through the ranks and established themselves as legends in both the photography and tattoo world. 

Estevan Oriol is featured in our most recent Issue : 05 | Los Angeles alongside his father, Eriberto Oriol. 

Tune in on Friday - 4/10/2020 on Netflix to watch their newly released documentary LA ORIGINALS by Estevan Oriol & Mister Cartoon: An exploration of the culture and landmarks of the Chicano and street art movement that cemented Mister Cartoon and Estevan Oriol’s status as behind-the-scenes hip hop legends.

Watch LA Originals, only on Netflix:


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