"Las Fotos Project" First virtual student exhibition

Photograph by Haley Santibanez

Photograph by Rocio Hernandez


Photograph by Veronica Monjaras


The Las Fotos Project Spring 2020 semester began like every other semester. Students came together, picked up their cameras and began to connect with their Teaching Artists and mentors who would support their creativity over the course of the next few weeks. And then the world shifted. 

Their cameras would no longer just serve as a tool to explore their creativity and document their community, it became conduit for processing, analyzing and understanding a new world and a reanalysis of our own perspectives and past experiences. While we existed in a world that asked us to keep apart, the new routines, new ways of learning and new common language brought our experiences closer together. 

Unable to use the full array of photography equipment typically available to them in the studio, the teen photographers in this exhibition gave voice to their photography by utilizing household items, natural light, food and family members to convey emotion, texture and movement. IMG2020.jpg is a visual narrative of this shared experience in a new world captured in real-time by Las Fotos Project teen photographers.


To view the exhibition click the link below


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